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[IP] we did it!!

Hi Everyone!!

This morning I rolled over and looked into the cherubic face of my
sleeping daughter Erica and just
stared at her like I did 10 1/2 yrs ago when she was an infant  in my
arms.  Such an angelic looking
face (crooked halo and all) the most amazing thing of all though, IT WAS
9:45a.m.!!  In almost 7 years
Erica has not experienced sleeping in, except the occasional 1/2 hr - 40
mins we would allow on the
weekends.  She was so still....and so ASLEEP!  I checked, and yes she
was breathing, no sweating to
indicate a low, and the pump was still intact.  Thank God, St. Patrick,
My Angel, all my new pumping
friends who gave me support with e'mails, postings, or just thoughts.

We arrived 10 mins late on St, Pat's day, and they were ready for us and
we sat down at the CDE's
desk in her room and she just said "okay Barb, I think you pretty well
know what you have to do, you
have been researching it so long and have had some help....why don't you
get started?"  I almost
freaked!!  Her name is Sheilagh and she is terrific.  Before we went in,
she worked out our basal and
bolus rates and I told her that I had learned a lot lot but needed her
'hands on' experience.  She was so open to
suggestions and questions we had.  We told her we were using EMLA so she
got some tagaderm , we
put the EMLA on, set up the pump, did some insertions on 'skin in a box'
and then it was time.  Sheilagh
brought us into another room where Erica would be more comfortable,
tracked down a CD player and
put in our copy of PUMP GIRLS, and with them singing in the background
we made the first insertion.  Talk about emotional....It was tough, I
might have gone a little deep as she twisted when I started the
insertion (poor little thing was frightened of course) but although she
finds the tape a little itchy and uncomfortable, the site seems
great.  Her sugars were in the normal range all day, blew us away!  I
think though, when the tail end of
the NPH is out of her system we will have to fine tune things again. We
were given a 'care by parent'
room for the day which was like a little motel room and she was enjoying
herself immensely.  Sheilagh
hovered around, and I noticed after a few hours there was a 2" bubble in
her line.  Thanks to whoever
mentioned it just within the past week on the digest, I knew what to
do.  I called Sheilagh over and told
her we would watch the bubble and when it got close to the infusion site
we would disconnect and prime it out.  She thought that was a super
idea....I told her it was just another wonderful thing I learned from
pumpers.  After seeing my Pumping Insulin book, she immediately
photocopied the order form and is
getting herself a copy.  She has been cruising the internet and looking
at pump information but I am
sending her an e'mail today giving her the pumpers site.  She is so keen
to learn as much as she can.
We are lucky to have such a receptive CDE.  Rather than have Erica done
over two days, they sent us
home after supper last night with instructions on what to do with
different scenarios and told us "Don't
come back tomorrow....things are going great and let Erica enjoy her
March Break!"  We have to call
them each day with the blood sugars and total CHO and boluses but other
than that we feel terrifically

Erica is walking a little funny, giving lots of room for BUZZ the pump,
but right now she has  the metal
detector outside and is beeping all over the yard.  I can not get used
to the idea that we don't have to
follow a rigid schedule.  Friends are calling and dropping in.  One just
left after giving Erica a beautiful silver
necklace with multicolored tiny butterflies on it.  She told Erica that
the necklace was Erica after going
on the pump.  Before she was in a cocoon, and now she has blossomed into
a beautiful free butterfly.
I was so touched, and Erica is wearing it very proudly.

I know things will not always be this easy, but I am glad we have
started out on a good foot.  I feel like
I should thank all the people that have made this possible, but I would
end up rambling on like someone
who wins an Oscar.  Lets just put it this way....to all those pumpers,
parents of kids with diabetes, and
friends who have helped us along the way  with information, tips,
prayers...THANK YOU!!  I know you have all experienced the freedom the
pump gives you, I never knew how great it was to have that freedom
because after 7 years rigid schedules were the norm.  I tell you
honestly, one year of waiting, fighting, learning, fighting,
frustration, etc. etc....was worth our end result.  We have to pass the
6 month trial to meet the insurer's specifications, but after just one
day, I don't think that is going to be difficult.  Even the endo has
changed her opinion over the past year, that is a plus.

So, I really have to stop.  I am excited and happy and am babbling.
You'll all have to forgive me that!!  I feel like we won a lottery!!!!

Barb Chafe

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