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[IP] Re: pizza and other high fat foods

> Example;   Total carbs 150
>            Divide in 1/2
>            Equals   75
>            Bolus using 1:9 ratio = 8.3
>            Square wave bolus or temp. basal rate over 3 hours for
> the            remainder of the 75 carbs (8.3)

And what do you see as his blood sugar levels at the 3 hr postprandial
and a few hours later?  I can't seem to get a handle on the high-fat
meals for Kayla.  Last night we went out and she had a grilled cheese
sandwich, fries, and a huge hot fudge sundae (no sermons, please).  I
bolused double what she would normally have gotten and 3 hours later she
was 311.  Gave a high blood sugar bolus and she still awoke at 497!!!  I
suppose I may have been off on the carb count, but I don't think I would
be so far off as to cause such a bad high.  I think it was the fat. Any
tips would be appreciated...

Kayla's mom

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