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[IP] Post prandial highs

Just a recent example of why you have to find out for yourself when the
insulin you are using has peaked post prandially - as they say everyone is
different, and "most" people I know, and most medical professionals I have run
into say to test 2 hours after you eat and you should be back to your normal
ranges...This does not work for me... as follows

As you know, I have been being "miss poster child for diabetes" for the past
couple of weeks (and what prize do I get for that?  A big ass bleed...but that
is a different tale), so I have been logging and testing A LOT!!!  Now, I have
learned over the last 6 years that:

A) I can't take my insulin much more than that in advance or I will crash by
the time I eat.  If I am under 150 and take a bolus, I will start dropping
like a rock immediately, and 

B) that I HAVE to wait 2 1/2 to 3 hours, not 2 hours,  to see the complete and
accurate effect of my bolus

So one day last week, I tested before lunch 138 -  bolused 5.3 units of
Velosulin (standard for the lunch I was planning), walked over to get it, went
to the bathroom...glanced at a magazine (less than 20 minutes) and ate my
bagel with non fat cream cheese.  For some foolish reason I wanted to see what
was going on and tested only one hour after eating -  I was 290.  I was a
little worried that maybe there was more sugar in that bagel than I had
figured so I bolused 1 additional unit...It wasnt like I panicked and covered
2.8 units like I normally would for a reading that high...I did remember i
still had a bunch of V in me...

Well 3 hours later...I crashed to 51 - I know my basals are pretty good - I
basal tested again recently and seem to be right on (for now - who knows about
next week), so I am confident it wasnt basal dropping me down like that...

So, in the name of science and cuz I am pissed at diabetes, I decided to
recreate the experiment today...just for kicks.  I was 124 before lunch,
bolused and went to get the bagel and walked around same as before, then
ate...3 hours later I tested...144.  God knows where I went an hour after
eating, but I wanted to see if I waited, like I have learned I should, if I
would end up where I wanted to be,,,,and I did.

...so the moral of my story is...fight the urge to test early.  This is kinda
why I am reluctant to go to Humalog...I know Velosulin backwards and

I love diabetes...but then I also like picking at scabs and pulling the legs
off daddy long legs and pinching babies and going to the dentist too so who am
I to talk.....

sara whose workouts are down to $7.95!!!!!
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