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Re: [IP] womens cycles & basals

Yes it is normal..her horomones are not on a regular schedule yet. I was
worried about the same thing with my 2 daughters. The doctor said if things
were on time by the time they were 16 to bring them in..by then they were
regular and now in thier 20's and are wondering why they were so anxious to
start thier periods! LOL live and learn,..
At 06:18 PM 3/18/99 , you wrote:
>I have a question my daughter got her period last April at age 12 and has
>had her period three times since then.  First one in April then June and then
>December.  Is this normal??  Not sure whether I need to talk to her Dr. about
>it or not.
>Anne (mom to 13 yr old pumping since Dec.)
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