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Re: [IP] women cycles and basal rates

>Hmmm..... we have a FAQ on menses and bg's. 'course were not medical 
>professionals, merely pumpers! (pump dad)
>email @ redacted

FYI, for all of you who are wondering about this topic, here's the URL for
the FAQ.  (is that enough acronyms in one sentence?)


As for why the medical community doesn't tell us about it... When I was
researching my article, I found that there is not any official agreement as
to why our bg's rise before our periods.  Some people claim it is because
of increased carb. cravings and thus our bg is out of control.  As in,
"it's our fault -- we can't control ourselves when we are ravaged with
PMS!"  But the data doesn't take into account that we, as pumpers, are able
to consistently and accurately bolus for every gram of CHO that crosses our
lips.  I maintain that it is hormonal.  But until the "medical
professionals" take this into account and agree that the hormones are the
underlying cause, there won't be any official statements coming from them.

Mary Jean
author of the FAQ on the website

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