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RE: [IP] Nedd some basic ideas for pizza bolus with D pump

Dave wrote:

>I think I was off a little in my calculations somewhere but my confusion is
>largely due to not understanding the pizza digestion. That is, should I have
>extended the square wave bolus over a longer period of hours? Does anybody
>know the correct CHO/slice of a given pizza brand? I have a CHO reference
>book but it doesn't cover the brands that I eat most. What's a good
>reference? Also, when meals like this are in the mid to late evening, is it
>safe for the bolus activity to carry into night time or should you try to
>apply the bolus in such a way that all of the bolus duration is complete by


I've had good success with dividing the amount of the bolus in half, giving
the first half at the beginning of the meal, and spreading the remainder
over 2 hours.

I have a carb book for Fast Food restaraunts that comes in pretty handy for
these types of things.  You might make a trip to the bookstore and see what
you can find.

Mary Jean
MM 507

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