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Re: [IP] Nedd some basic ideas for pizza bolus with D pump

     Pizza nutritional information can be obtained at Domino's web site
(www.dominos.com), and Pizza Hut's nutritional information can be obtained
by calling them at 1-800-948-8488.  If these chains are not the pizza you
like, you can use there nutritional values as guide lines.
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From: David Watson <email @ redacted>
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Date: Thursday, March 18, 1999 8:29 AM
Subject: RE: [IP] Nedd some basic ideas for pizza bolus with D pump

>> I have a new pumper on H insulin with a Didetronic pump. Last night, he
>> decided to eat 5 slices of pizza (I don't know the size of it)
>> and drank 16
>> oz. of milk with it. Basal rate is at 1.3. Bolus rate at 1:8. BG
>> was at 196 at
>> start of meal. He corrected for the high BG (target at 120/20).
>> He gave 19
>> units of H. Exactly 1 1/2 hours later, BG was 55. Not unsual fo a slow
>> absorbing pizza. I had warned him about this. Since he is a
>> teenager (19), and
>> could use a few more pounds, I am not trying to limit his intake. He
>> probably have been OK, if he had not corrected the high BG.
>> Anyway, how would
>> most of the D users here have handled the meal.
>I'm a new pump user (MM507C) and tried to deal with this same situation
>recently. I was slightly high pre-meal and would eat 4 pieces with a diet
>soda. I estimated each piece at 40G CHO and figured 13u H for the meal +3u
>for the high for 16 total. I did dual-wave bolus and split the dose in half
>with 8 normal bolus and 8 over 1 HR square wave.
>I wound up with a 60 BG at about 3 hours past the onset of the meal but did
>not feel any symptoms which is unusual for me. I normally have strong
>symptoms at anything sub-80. I probably should have questioned the 60 and
>rechecked but as I was already using about 8 strips a day and on the verge
>of running out I felt conservation was in order.
>I think I was off a little in my calculations somewhere but my confusion is
>largely due to not understanding the pizza digestion. That is, should I
>extended the square wave bolus over a longer period of hours? Does anybody
>know the correct CHO/slice of a given pizza brand? I have a CHO reference
>book but it doesn't cover the brands that I eat most. What's a good
>reference? Also, when meals like this are in the mid to late evening, is it
>safe for the bolus activity to carry into night time or should you try to
>apply the bolus in such a way that all of the bolus duration is complete by
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