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Re: Day One (again), was: [IP] Can someone please explain this b

On 17 Mar 99 at 19:53, Bob Klein wrote:
> knew was right.  In the morning I firmly (but politely) requested that
> I get on a "traditional" basal/bolus regimen, that which I expected to
> be using all along.  And the folks at the research center responded....

Sounds like you did the right thing here!  And you got the people you're 
dealing with to respond properly.  This is encouraging!  Keep up the vigilance 
and effort...

> By the way, for those of you who thought my HMO was doing something
> devious in this matter that is certainly not the case.  I talked with
> them  first and they admitted "not having a clue" about this mysterious
> basal/bolus regimen.  They were hoping that *I* would be able to
> explain it to them!  They offered to work with me to change the algorithm
> immediately if the research center didn't respond.  I believe they
> are trying to make this work for me!  So no HMO bashing from me, at
> least
> not at this time! --))

It sounded kind of suspicious - a "research center" instead of a specialist or 
primary care physician doing your pump training and startup...  We're all glad 
that this isn't a case of "HMO cost-cutting" at the patient's expense too.  

Keep us posted on your progress.  The first few weeks can be frustrating with 
the constant tinkering with the ratios and basal rates.  After a while most 
people settle down a little bit and just have to deal with the day to day minor 
changes.  Then you get to see the flexibility and overall improvements that are 
possible with the pump.  They aren't guaranteed - getting to that point 
requires some extra diligence, care and effort.  But for me it has been worth 
it!  I hope you'll be able to tell us it has been worth it too in a few months.

Randall P. Winchester
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