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Re: [IP] pumping saline

.your pizza question was interesting. I would be curious
> to hear the answers you got because Kevin has problems with Pizza
> every thurs at school. He has 2 large pieces and 16 oz milk, and
> ends up LOW within 1 hour. He usually gets 1-2 units of H at lunch
> too. I told the school nurse I

Definetly need to spread the insulin out over 2 - 3 hours for pizza 
or any other food (mac + cheese) high in both protein and fat. 

I don't know if there is an easy way to do this with a D pump. With a 
506 you can set a temp basal rate and the 507 use temp basal rate or 
square bolus. 

A 'not recommended' technicque is outlined in the Square Wave Bolus 
HOWTO on the web site, you may want to look at that.

Simply delaying 1/2 the insulin for a couple of hours may work with 
the D pump. D users, please chime in here....!!!

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