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Re: Fwd: [IP] women cycles and basal rates

> << Tara wrote - "I can't wait to hear what other women on the site
> have been
>  noticing!"
>  Gosh, I can't wait until Amy starts her period so we can make some
>  heads or tails out of her bgs lately!! Her endo echoed that
>  sentiment too!!! Hormones are going bonkers the past few weeks, so
>  between that, her tremendous growth lately, and starting track and
>  trying to figure out temp. basals and

Her bg's will start to cycle up and down monthly long before her 
period starts. They should be synchronized with yours. Lily's bg's 
have been tracking mom's cycle up and down for months now but she has 
not started menses yet. The timing is perfect and she needs more 
insulin for about a week.

The other contributor to wild adolescent bg's is growth hormon which 
kicks in at night. You may see a large increase in basal requirement 
when she goes to sleep, as much as a unit or unit+1/2 /hr for an hour 
or two. You will have to do some very careful profiles to find this 
out. For almost 2 years, Lily did a temp basal rate of around a unit 
from bedtime (whenever that was) until 1:00 am when the pump kicked 
in with a regular nite time basal. The earlier rate was the 
"afternoon-evening" one because of a variable bed time. It was 
usually only 0.4 - 0.5u/hr.  While the wild bg ride goes on for these 
kids, I would certainly routinely check them at 2 - 2:30 in the 
morning. This has "saved" Lily numerous times, the most recent being 
day-before yesterday. It seems your body can do marvelous thing to 
keep a crash pushed off, but only for so long. I woke her at 2:30 and 
her bg was 47. 3 glucose tabs an 1/2 hour later she was 57, another 3 
and another 30 minutes got her up to 100 or so and she was a little 
high in the morning. This scenario is unusual, but happens every few 
weeks without warning. Don't have any explanation at this point.

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