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[IP] MiniMed Rep visit

Well, yesterday, as we were sitting in the classroom, fiddling with our
pumps (Remember, it was St. Paddy's day), who should walk in but Eamonn
Gilliland, straight from Ireland!

Turns out he's our new MiniMed rep, and just HAPPENED to be visiting the

Well, the coincidence tickled me!!!!  :)

Anyway, he was most interested to answer our questions and listen to our
observations -- he was interested in the pumpers' list -- I gave him the
e-mail but couldn't remember the website address.

He said there is a new set coming out at the end of the year which will
combine the best features of the SofSet AND the Silhouette -- I'm REALLY
interested in it because I had such a poor experience with the
Silhouette, but I also don't like the tail hanging down from the SofSet. 

He also said that they've gotten THOUSANDS of responses to the glucose
sensor trials -- they're going to give it to only one doctor, first, the
one who
was involved in developing it in the first place -- I can't remember
where he was. So it's gonna be a while before it's available to the rest
of us, but it IS coming!

I was really pleased with the opportunity to talk to him -- he seemed
very supportive, and a good listener!


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