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[IP] pumping saline

Thanks for your help so far. Kevin is using Tenders with his saline hookup.
The instructor said to go at a 30 degree angle. Sam said 10-15% may be more
comfortable. Can you get Tegaderm over the counter?  

Barbara B...your pizza question was interesting. I would be curious to hear
the answers you got because Kevin has problems with Pizza every thurs at
school. He has 2 large pieces and 16 oz milk, and ends up LOW within 1 hour.
He usually gets 1-2 units of H at lunch too. I told the school nurse I notice
a pattern, and perhaps it would be best to give H after the pizza is eaten,
but she has others to take care of (I understand) and cant take the time to
check him before lunch and wait til after to give shot.....whatever.  Let me
know what you find out.


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