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[IP] re: visual impariment and pumping

I use the BD and Novopens where I count the clicks. Can't see the
numbers on them or the marks on a syringe unless I use a
pmagnifier. However, on a bigger syringe I could probably see the
numbers. I looked at a Minimed 507 and found I could read the info
displayed on that if I held it close and in good light. I guess I
could get a friend to help me check the tubing for bubbles etc if that
was a problem. Most of the time there's someone around. 

What do you use when you draw up shots and the like? You mentio
ned a
magnifying glass. Are you able to see well enough to read now? 
If so, (and
we need some MM pumpers input on this), I would think you could
 see the
pump well enough to bolus and do whatever you needed to do.
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