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[IP] Re: Software

I just installed the In Touch program software for the One Touch II or Profile
monitors.  They told me the Fast Take would work with it, but I've looked at
the Fast Take and can't figure out where to download it from, and I think
maybe it'll need a different download cable.  I have an email in to Lifescan
about it.  In the meantime, I have a medisense (so small) for the purse) and
you can add these "other" numbers into the program, I just haven't gotten
there yet.  The printouts are cool (well without a printer I haven't actually
made a hard copy yet).  I can tell I'm getting OLD....I have made the command
decision that I don't DO logbooks anymore, I'll let the software do it.   HoHo
If anyone wants an update as I learn, let me know.      Linda
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