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Re: Day One (again), was: [IP] Can someone please explain this basal regimen to me...

Bob Klein wrote:
> By the way, for those of you who thought my HMO was doing something
> devious in this matter that is certainly not the case.  I talked with
> them first and they admitted "not having a clue" about this mysterious
> basal/bolus regimen.  They were hoping that *I* would be able to
> explain it to them!  They offered to work with me to change the algorithm
> immediately if the research center didn't respond.  I believe they
> are trying to make this work for me!  So no HMO bashing from me, at
> least not at this time! --))

OK, glad you cleared that up with them. Good to know they're realists about
learning, wish more HMOs were like that.

Good luck, take it 1 test and day at a time and I'm sure you'll get
it working fairly well soon, and largely nailed down within a few months 
or so (worst case).

Ted Quick
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