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Day One (again), was: [IP] Can someone please explain this basal regimen to me...

Thanks very much to all who responded to my posting last night.

Your responses bolstered my confidence to do what I pretty much already

knew was right.  In the morning I firmly (but politely) requested that
I get on a "traditional" basal/bolus regimen, that which I expected to
be using all along.  And the folks at the research center responded....

So I am back on day one with 4 basal settings that do not peak up after

the alleged meal times.  I'm gonna start my boluses at at 1:10 CHo
and we'll see how it goes.  Of course its gonna take some fine tuning.
To the credit of the folks I am dealing with, they recognized that this
not going to work for me and backed off appropriately.  "Live and

I also just received my copy of Pumping Insulin.  Ordered it on Sunday
amazon.com and it showed up in my mailbox today.  Isn't the internet

By the way, for those of you who thought my HMO was doing something
devious in this matter that is certainly not the case.  I talked with
first and they admitted "not having a clue" about this mysterious
basal/bolus regimen.  They were hoping that *I* would be able to
it to them!  They offered to work with me to change the algorithm
immediately if the research center didn't respond.  I believe they
are trying to make this work for me!  So no HMO bashing from me, at
not at this time! --))

THANKS again,
...bob klein...
email @ redacted

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