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RE: [IP] Can someone please explain this basal regimen to me...


Rather than join in the condemnations of your doctor, who I also don't
understand, I have an alternative point of view.

While the basal regiment you are on seems odd, the bolus approach is
common as a starting point.

Basal thought first.  The 11 basals seems high, but more of an issue is
the increase in their value after meals.  By and large I think that most
people have reasonably flat profiles; there are different levels, they
are not too different.  The exception to this is when there is a high
basal level pre-dawn to compensate for a Dawn Phenomena.  The best way
to check whether your basals are too high (particularly post meal) is to
skip the meal.  If you blood sugar plummets, your basals are too high. 
Another rule of thumb that my endo has stated is that the basals and
boluses should split your total dose about 50%/50%.  Perhaps many people
will comment that this does not apply to them, but mine is 45%/55%

The bolus approach you have been given is called a sliding scale.  I
started on this approach.  As I understand it, the objective is to keep
your meal carbohydrate content about constant and then tune the dose
accordingly.  Once you have a stable bg at this constant meal carb
content, you can calculate the carb/bolus ratio and gain some of the
flexibility you've heard us talk about.  I think that is it important to
keep in mind that you, as a new pumper, are learning.  Some of the
apparent restictions may be to simplify this new "thing."

I'd also agree with the others who say, your diabetes team seems to have
some odd ideas and you would likely benefit from reading Pumping

Good (and better) luck,

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