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Re: [IP] Trying a Silhouette :(

At 04:36 PM 3/17/1999  C.M.Ullom wrote:
>When I was using the sils, ( which I sometimes do)  I always had problems
>if I was crossing my arm over to the other side of my body, ususally those
>sites would NOT last, and I would be more likly to hit a nerve and have
>the thing hurt like the dickens.  If you have a method that works for you,

Yes, the old cross-over technique is pretty difficult... I'm very right 
handed and find that my right side is the worst place to put sets. But, 
I've not found the direction that the needle was pointing to be a real 
factor... just the awkwardness of doing it. Like in all things, you have to 
do what's most comfortable for you... if it works, then it's good!!


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