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Re: [IP] Humolog & Velosulin BR

> Looking for info on the stability of the Humolog Insulin in the pump.

It varies, apparently it causes problems for certain people because of
a minor allergic factor or, possibly, a different living environment.
Only way to find out is to try it straight first, then add V (or R), 
if there are problems with it working after about 2.5 days, in a 
5 to 1 ratio to start until yo find the best ballance for YOU.

> Currently use Velosulin BR and have been doing so for about  four or
> five years.   It absorbs so slowly, that I must take at least one hour
> before eating or my blood sugar and insulin peaks do not match.
> Insulin peak at about five hours and glucose peaks at about the same
> time if taken one hour before meals,  Otherwise the insulin will not
> peak soon enough and experience an uncomfortable hight.
> Can Humolog be used straight in pump or must it be mixed with Velosulin,
> if so what mix is the most common one being used?  I think the stability
> of Velosulin would be important to have some reserve on board.

Some people find that straight Humalog works fine for them, others don't.
Point of the 5 to 1 ratio is to stabilize the Humalog withour major effect
on it's timing. Lower ratios are usually used (AFAIK) for the reason you give, 
though YMMV factors always apply.

Ted Quick
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