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[IP] quick question

Kevin is doing the saline trial for D pump. He is using the tender. It had
been on from 9:30 am yesterday til 3pm today when he said it was burning him.
he wasnt doing the boluses because we heard that it could burn the tissue but
he was getting the basal stuff.  The site looks ok, just a small area where
you could see the adhesive was on it. He has sensitive skin...should I be
worried that THIS is what it will be like to be hooked up for insulin? What I
mean is, will he always be fighting skin problems or do you think it is an
isolated incident due to saline?  I'm hoping it is the saline. He still wants
to go for it.  Dr. said today, he has NO OPENINGS to put him on the pump til
May 3rd. Ah well. We wait patiently....at least we are getting it.

Take care,

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