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Re: [IP] women cycles and basal rates

> Christa
> I am in the process of trying to figure out how different my sugars
> are at what point in my cycle...all I know so far is that they tend
> to go slightly up the week before!  I've been relying on extra
> boluses to even the sugars out but if I can master the trend maybe
> I'll come up with new basal rates for that week...although I don't
> really like the thought of having to fool around with basal rate
> changes all the time!
> I can't wait to hear what other women on the site have been
> noticing!
For my 15 year old it is not completely consistent (neither is she), 
but usually is an additional 0.1 u/hr days and 0.2u/hr nights. Her 
night time basals are about double her daytime anyway.

She typically runs 0.6u/hr days and 0.8 or 0.9u/hr nights 
depending.... The basal shift is usually abrupt in both directions, 
becoming stable immediately at the new value.

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