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Re: [IP] Trying a Silhouette :(

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Sam Skopp wrote:

> At 03:39 PM 3/16/1999  C.M.Ullom wrote:
> >I would try to go at a shallower angle.  And another tip, Let your left
> >hand do the left side, and your right hand do the right side.  So the tip
> >of the connector is pointing towards your belly button.
> As far as the set direction, we've talked about this a couple of times 
> before, and no-one has ever been able to provide a good explanation as to 
> Sam
> (just my 3 cents worth)

When I was using the sils, ( which I sometimes do)  I always had problems
if I was crossing my arm over to the other side of my body, ususally those
sites would NOT last, and I would be more likly to hit a nerve and have
the thing hurt like the dickens.  If you have a method that works for you,
Use it,  This is what works for me.  

I always make sure that I'm standing up, and pinching the skin rock hard.
Been pumping 6 months now, and Havn't had problems since I first started,
once I got my routine down

Christene Ullom

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