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Re: [IP] Tomorrow ( and this day forward)

I have to say I don't ever recall ever hearing about the PUMP girls.

I started the pump after being on shots for 13 years. I was 10 when I was
diagnosed.   I have known about the pump this entire time, but just never
had the finances to do something about it, and back then, my parents were
told that I was just too young to be on a pump. 

Anyhow the jury has been out on this pump thing. I have given it 6 months.
I am not so sure if this has been the grandious thing that some have
talked about, but maybe it is becuase it has been so simplistic that I
don't see or notice the transitition.

Never in my life have I ever been in control.  My ha1c's were always 11 or
13, 14.8 ( maybe even higher, many years I never bothered with checking) 

Ok,  This last year, I started dieting, loosing some weight, and when I
went to a doctor to get my health in order, my hba1c was 7.6, with out the
aid of any doctors.  Then I started working with a CDE closly adjusting my
insulin making changes 1 or 2 times per week.  Then after 3 months of that
my hba1c was 8.6.  By then I was determined to get the pump.  

My CDE was for it, my PCP was not....  BLah blah blah, anyhow, my hba1c
after pumping 2 months was 7.4.  Now I have been pumping for 6 months it
is still 7.4. I have to say that I'm pretty happy about that. Ok Yeah I
know it can be better, but I haven't really been working all that hard
towards improvment.  ( Eek what a role model)  Yes I test, and I correct
myself, but I have a terrible time with logging. I can be good, for a
week, then I wiggle out.  When I was working with the CDE she was calling
me frequently, and that helped.  My doctor doesn't do that. I need to have
someone work with me on my numbers, and someone who keeps in contact with
me.  ( Even email reminders would be handy. Wonder if doctor would do

Anyhow Duck and Barb, Good luck, I'm sure things should go alright.  You
ahve already done the hardest part. ALl the research!! now all you have to
do is apply it

Christene Ullom

email @ redacted  (evenings)
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