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Re: [IP] basals etc.

> having just started on the pump about a week ago... I am constantly
> high during the night from about midnight on.  Testing a 3 am i
> usually have to bolus to get myself closer to normal.  Any ideas on
> how to speed up the process of finding the right basal - have been
> increasing by about .2 unit after a couple of days to see if it
> helps - so far little to no difference.
First you should read the section in Pumping Insulin on setting basal 
rates. It is important that you know your basal requirements. There 
are also several HOWTO documents on the Insulin Pumpers web site that 
cover this subject as well as measuring ratios and so on....

If you have tested consistently for several days at 12 and 3am and 
the bolus is fairly constant for the high you have developed, you can 
probably increase your basal rate by 75 - 80% of the bolus amount 
divided by the 3 hour time period. This is what my daughter does if 
she gets ill and her basal requirements change dramatically in a 
short period of time. That's a guess based on what you posted above. 
Fine tuning will definetly have to be done by following the 
directions in Pumping Insulin or the HOWTO's. And of course, as 
always, check with your medical team, blah.... blah.... blah....
> Another question was how different do women have to make their
> basals depending on what part of their cycle they are in - anyone
> have any feedback on this question - it would be greatly
> appreciated.  Love this site!!!! Thanks in advance for the feedback!

There is a "ladies only" How menstruation affects diabetes control - 
FAQ on the FAQ page of the web site.

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