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Re: [IP] re: visual impairment and pumping


What do you use when you draw up shots and the like? You mentioned a
magnifying glass. Are you able to see well enough to read now? If so, (and
we need some MM pumpers input on this), I would think you could see the
pump well enough to bolus and do whatever you needed to do.

As far as changing the site and refilling the pump, that's not much
different than filling a (big) syringe. Seeing bubbles in the tubing is a
problem for me, but I just let that slide. I rarely have unexplained
instances of high BGs to make me wonder about them anyway.

Personally, I'd go for it, if you can see the pump well enough to bolus. I
think the pump's advantages will outweigh any problems with things that you
can't see that well.

Let us know what you decide,


(Type I, 26 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
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