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[IP] Sara

Hi Sara, 
I know pretty much how you feel about the eye stuff.
I've had very similar problems in the last 6 months and its so
furstrating when you think you're doing everything right for once and
then you get a massive bleed.
I had my worst bleed in October last year - I literally woke up one
morning and couldn't see ANYTHING out of my right eye. Afte ra few
days it had cleared a tiny bit but I ended up ahving a vitrextomy in
that eye to clear it. Actually since then I haen had very few bleeds
in that eye, but loads in my left eye. Every time it clears and i
think "wow, I can see better" another one comes along. I've noe had
continuous bleeds in my left eye since December (I was dancing at the
time and thought it was because of that that my eye was bleeding and
that I would have to give up dancing - which is the only thing that
keeps me going in life right now - anyway it seems that whatever I do
doesn't make a slightest bit of difference to my eyes.)
I had more laser treatment yesterday in my left eye (they lasered
"around" the bleeds where they could see to get in), but they;ve
virtually given up on that eye now too as there's no place left to
laser which doens't look like the surface of the moon already. So if
anything else happens now they're just going to leave it......
or do another vitrectomy maybe.....

Ummm, anyway, just wanted to let you know you're not alone with this


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