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Re: [IP] Bleeding on One Side

At 09:33 AM 3/17/1999  Siana Collyer wrote:

>     Hi friends,
>        I've been using a MM 507C pump since Nov. 98, and only in the
>     last month or two have I noticed this very specific problem: when I
>     attempt to insert on the lefthand side of my abdomen, 80 % of the
>     time I get a "bleeder". Either the insertion gives me so much pain
>     or burns so much, that I pull it out right after inserting, and this
>     is when it just gushes with blood. Of course, I then  look for other
>     sites.

I had a bleeder Monday... I had inserted the Silhouette and it didn't 
really hurt at all. When I was loading the reservoir I looked down and 
noticed blood coming out of the end of the quick-release button... never 
had that happen before. I must of hit a small capillary. I mentally debated 
about re-doing the set, but decided to try it just the way it was (I'm 
cheap). I was very careful and did a very small bolus afterwards just to 
see what would happen. Nothing did... so, I've been using it since, with no 
ill effects. Maybe I was just lucky, though.

Are you left handed?? I'm right handed, and have the most problems on my 
right side... I think that's because it's just more awkward to insert it on 
that side. What kind of set are you using?? If you are using the 
Silhouettes, try changing the direction you insert it and try a shallower 
angle. Otherwise, I don't know why one side would be any different than the 
other.... most of us are pretty symmetrical.  :-)


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