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[IP] Bleeding on One Side

     Hi friends,
        I've been using a MM 507C pump since Nov. 98, and only in the 
     last month or two have I noticed this very specific problem: when I 
     attempt to insert on the lefthand side of my abdomen, 80 % of the 
     time I get a "bleeder". Either the insertion gives me so much pain 
     or burns so much, that I pull it out right after inserting, and this 
     is when it just gushes with blood. Of course, I then  look for other 
        It's strange, because one of these mishap-insertions must have 
     been pretty bad. It doesn't hurt, but two days later, I have a 
     purple bruise the size of a matchbox car! 
        Anyone have tips? i'm concerned about favoring one side over the 
     Siana, age 24
     Type I since '83
     Pumping since '98
     email @ redacted

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