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[IP] Top of the mornin' to ya all!

Happy St. Patricks day! I have digest...so bare with me 

Just wanted to tell Barb that we will be thinking of her and Erica today as
she starts the pump! I hope that it goes smoothly. Email me anytime.

Also, congrats to Susan for Ryans approval. I know the excitement when that
finally goes thru.

Kevin is still doing very well on saline! He has worked out the little issues
like disconnecting and sleeping. (and going to the bathroom...he didnt all day
at school cuz he was afraid of getting the tubing! lol)

He was very overwhelmed lastnight by it all and cried about being a
diabetic...almost like he felt when he was first diagnosed! I said we didnt
need to do this right now with the pump (we could back off) but he wants to do
it! I think he was so "pumped up" with excitement showing it off at school
yesterday that he didnt really think about all the little issues (that will go
away with time) that come with it. Poor kid right now is attached to the
pump/saline and still getting 3 shots a day and finger sticks 6 times a day!It
is a lot for a kid to take in! He asked me to pray with him, (which he's never
done before) and we both cried a bit...and he feels better today. Ready to
show it off. He's so cute! He wants the tubing to stick out so people will ask
him about it more! 

Anyway, I'm rambling. I know it is the best thing for him and grateful for the
way things are NOW than 20 years ago when I was his age....but my heart still
breaks for him! (he also has ADHD to contend with)

Thanks for all your support again. Cant wait to be connected for real!

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