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[IP] re: visual impairment and pumping

> Ted (and everyone else)
> Thanks for the responses.
> I guess I didn't make it quite clear...
> Being in the Uk I will have to fund everything myself.
> I can't afford to buy a pump myself, however, I have been offered a
> "nearly-new" 506 by a very generous person who doens't need it any
> more. 
> Maybe I will eventually be able to acquire a newer model, if I can
> persuade someone to fund it but for now this is my only option.
> Di
> <Ted wrote>
> Diana, is the onnly choice for you a 506? They're rather outdat
> ed, 
> but more importantly my new 507c has an "Audio bolus" feature t
> hat
> lets you push the buttons and count tones that sound off for ea
> ch
> 0.5 or 1.0 unit bolused (users choice in set-up), which could f
> ree
> you from having to read the numbers off the screen for boluses 
> before meals. The 506 definitely didn't have that feature.

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