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[IP] Software for Managing Diabetes

Does anyone use software to help manage their diabetes?  I have an
accu-check complete monitor (which I really love by the way, because you
can specify how much insulin you took and carbo's you ate and add little

I downloaded a program called DIABASS but I don't like it.  Its way too
complex.  I purchased Accutility from the maker of the accu-check
complete and its alright, it gets me a print out like at the doctors. 
Problem is I have no control over the reports.  I can't specify that I
only want blood sugars and data from last week, or last month.  I get
everything it has in memory no matter what.

I started the pump on 3/8 and right now I am tired and frustrated.  My
blood sugars are all over the map and I can't make heads or tails of
them.  It sometimes feel like doctors and diatitians can't help much
because they are guessing as much as I am and often not as good because
they aren't with me 24 hours a day.  [oops - spontaneous combustible
venting, excuse me :o) ]

Anyway, I feel if I have the right tools to help me analize whats
happening it would be a benefit.  Too bad its not an exact science, a?

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