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[IP] Pharmacy problem

I just need to vent about the pharmacy I use/used!  I am still on MDI, awaiting
my pump.  Today I had the Doctor call in a prescription for my needles and when
I got to the pharmacy the woman hands me the wrong needles, when I proceeded to
tell her these are not the needles I get she looks at me as if she could take my
head off and says "Can't you use these?"  At that point I wanted to reach over
the counter and strangle her I told her that No I can't they are a different
gauge and length of needle and had been told by the dr that changing my needle
would affect my bgs.  (I've had enough things bothering them) Upon my handing
her the box back and insisting they give me the correct needles she turns around
rolls her eyes and finally goes and talks to the Pharmacist.  I got the correct
needle but when I got home the box had been open and packages where missing.  I
now have to return tomorrow for the remainder of the box.  I'll definitely be
changing pharmacy and hopefully will be pumping before I need anything else.

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