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Re: [IP] Can someone please explain this basal regimen to me...

At 9:54 PM -0500 3/16/99, Ted Quick wrote:

>Looks like they should try doing the research BEFORE you get there.

Heheh, I love this line. :-) And I think Ted's absolutely right in all his
points. And I think Michael's right about getting a copy of "Pumping
Insulin" and doing as it advises and *not* as the HMO and the, ahem,
researchers do.

I thought I'd write and add my voice to the chorus, because, even though
it's quite clear that this regimen is absolutely ridiculous, a tiny part of
us still tends to think, "But they're *medical professionals,* they can't
be wrong!"

But they are, and you're right. The basals should keep you at an even keel
whether you eat anything or not. Actually, if I remember my "Pumping
Insulin" correctly, that's how you fine tune your basals; you go without
food and check your BGs.

Hang in there, Bob. Basal setting is aggravating enough when you have
someone with sense setting your beginning basals (which are some guesswork,
at best). So you're likely to have more frustration than most, but all this
will be well worth it, we promise.

Hang in there,


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