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Re: [IP] Can someone please explain this basal regimen to me...

In a message dated 99-03-16 21:10:09 EST, you write:

<< The basals are set in 11 different
 time slices with the values going up after breakfast, lunch
 and dinner times.  The bolus values are only to vary by the
 amount of my Bg value at the time of the meal (i.e, a very
 simple sliding scale Bg < 100, 100...200, >200 (values +/-
 1u). >>
I have never heard of this regimen. Have you obtained a book called"Pumping
Insulin"? You can purchase from Amazon.com or diabetesnet.com. You can also
call MiniMed and ask to get a copy of "Insights From the Experts".
Barbara B.
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