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Re: [Re: [[IP] Trouble with diabetes]]

This is to all those who responded to my take on dealing with DM.That was the
first time I felt like I had any support in a long time! I would like to
clarify what I said about feeling guilty that my son had developed diabetes.I
don't think I felt as if it were my fault,(DM on his paternal side also), it
was just that I could not do any thing to even reassure him that it would be
o.k.He knew better from seeing what I went through.Also we had a cousin die
before she was 30 from DM. He is only 23 now and already he is having problems
with his hands which scares me because he has a very dangerous job.He does not
do what he should as far as taking care of his DM.,thinks the test strips cost
too much.Well now he has insurance so hopefully he will start taking better
care of things.Maybe I could even persuade him to think about the pump.I
definetly don't want him to end up with the complications I suffer from. 
Others on the list mentioned other diseases that were also horrible to deal
with,and I agree any chronic OR acute illness is no picnic.But the irony is
that DM also leads to so many other diseases.Have you ever looked through a
medical book and counted how many of them, diabetics are at an increased risk
of developing?! I hope I'm not coming across as some gloom and doom bearer,
because actually I think I have a very good outlook on this,considering
everything.And yes I'm sure my son would rather be alive,with DM, than not at
all.And that goes ditto for me!!!! 

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