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[IP] Can someone please explain this basal regimen to me...

Hi all,

I've just started on the MM507c for a week now and I am
having a hard time understanding the basal regimen I've been
given.  My HMO is just starting out on pump usage so
they have sent me to a research clinic here in town to get
trained and learn.  At this clinic I have been given a set
basals that have given me great difficulty and I was hoping
that you folks could 1) tell me if this is *typical* and
2) possibly explain to me how this is supposed to work to
give me all the great flexibility I have heard about.

The details are as follows:

I am on Humalog insulin with about 26u daily in basal and
about 15u daily bolus.  The basals are set in 11 different
time slices with the values going up after breakfast, lunch
and dinner times.  The bolus values are only to vary by the
amount of my Bg value at the time of the meal (i.e, a very
simple sliding scale Bg < 100, 100...200, >200 (values +/-

After a week of this I have been falling down with many,
lows (the last two days at work I had 5 Bgs in the 40s).  I
like I have to eat right on time as the basal values start
in after the meal times.  I am eating much more food than I
to eat.  In general I am pretty frustrated!  I have been
the basals daily by .1 u or so a day but the basic scheme
does not
make sense to me.

I don't understand how I can get much flexibility with this
kind of
regimen.  Actually it is very much like my one-shot a day
a long time ago before I went on MDI.

Is this what you are all doing?  If so, how do you achieve
the great
flexibility I keep hearing about.

Is this some experiental approach?  Can anyone explain the
behind it?

Whatever this approach is supposed to be, I can only say
that so far
it is not working very well for me and it is not at all what
I expected.  I thought the basal was supposed to keep your
Bgs constant if you did nothing and the boluses (with the
neat square
wave and dual wave technology from MM) were supposed to be
to deal with CHO intake.

Any help and/or explanations would be greatly appreciated...

...bob klein...
email @ redacted

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