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Re: [IP] Trying a Silhouette :(

At 03:39 PM 3/16/1999  C.M.Ullom wrote:
>I would try to go at a shallower angle.  And another tip, Let your left
>hand do the left side, and your right hand do the right side.  So the tip
>of the connector is pointing towards your belly button.

As far as the set direction, we've talked about this a couple of times 
before, and no-one has ever been able to provide a good explanation as to 
why it needs to point toward the belly button. An awful lot of us point the 
needle in all sorts of different directions and it doesn't seem to make any 
difference. The set is supposed to be inserted only in the subcutaneous 
tissue (which is non-directional) and not the muscle layer (which is 
directional). I think that sometimes medical professionals get this 
confused with other types of injections or infusion situations where it 
does make a difference.

(just my 3 cents worth)

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