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Re: [IP] insurance (tara)

Hi Theressa,
It's nice to know there are people out there actually willing to help with
my problems.
The problem I'm having with insurance is due to the fact that I'm covered
under my father's plan.  He is with the RCMP so he is with Sunlife.  I
haven't had any trouble with them covering the pump or the supplies so

The thing is I'm only covered until I'm 25 yo or finished in school which
ever comes first.  I graduate this April (yippee) but that means I am no
longer with any coverage.  It's a no win situation..I could stay in school
but the tuition, books etc. will probably cost just as much.

COBRA, I have learned is a U.S. insurance idea where dependants can
purchase additional insurance from the company after they are no longer
covered.  (I believe this is correct, I trust someone will correct me if
I'm wrong.)

I'm in the process of trying to find out if Sunlife has anything like a
COBRA in place..that would be great.

If all else fails I will have to be extremely picky in my job
search..something I'm afraid I really don't have the luxury to do..finding
a job is hard enough!!

Thanks for thinking of me...


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