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Re: [IP] Trouble with diabetes

Donna wrote:
> The only thing that really bothers me with having Diabetes in the family so 
> much is that I know any kids I have are highly likely to get diabetes.  We 
> always thought I would get it from my mothers side (type 2) and thought I 
> had when diagnosed.  (Diagnosed Type 2 now the endo says Im Type 1, Im not 
> sure if they really know.) Now they are thinking Im Type 1 so it probably 
> came from the other side of the family.

Well, whenever I feel bad that my son is at risk for DM because of me, I
remind myself that I'd rather have him with DM than not have him at all.
The type of DM that runs in my family is not weight-related, so I can't
even assure him that if he stays slim and exercises he can prevent it. 

Besides which, there are no guarantees for anyone -- the only way to
face life is to take it the way it comes. 

As far as Type 1/Type 2, that can be a tough call in adults. I gave up a
long time ago trying to fit myself into a pigeonhole, which is why I
came up with the Type Weird category. It's MY diabetes, so I'll call it
what I want!!!!  :) 

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