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[IP] We are hooked to saline!

YES!!! Step one is complete. Kevin got hooked to the D pump this am with
saline and is very very proud of it. He wore it around school today like a
badge of honor. (I believe it is! :) )    Anyway, he even was showing it
around the classroom and they were huddled asking questions about it. He
gleamed with pride! He chose the tender so he could try disconnecting. Hope he
likes it this much tomorrow! lol

Not sure when the real hookup is, but we are READY! His dr. is out of the
country for a few weeks now, so we may have to wait til May. 

Thanks for all your support and prayers to the ones that have Emailed me
personally!  You all are great!

Hope to be pumping soon! (we need T-shirts....Proud to be PUMPED!)

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