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[IP] Tomorrow

Any more prayers out there?  Erica is starting her pump tomorrow
morning, St. Pat's Day and we could use all the help we can get.  I
noticed on the posting another child is starting today on the saline
solution we will be thinking of him too!  Erica will be starting BOOM on
the pump, no saline.  We can contact a new friend whose son is on the
pump so that will make the transition period a little smoother but it
never hurts to call in all angles or angels!
So, if you have a sec today, think of a beautiful, blonde,  blue-eyed,
mischevious  little 10 yr old girl  who first heard about this pump a
year ago and will finally be benefitting from it on St. Pat's day.  We
know almost all the things that CAN go wrong, but we are hoping that we
won't have to problem solve too much.

One more thing, and I promise I am thru.  Received the PUMP GIRLS CD and
it is wonderful.  When I heard the first song "We're The Pump Girls" I
cried like a baby hoping my child will be as happy about being on the
pump as they certainly sound like they are!
Thanks for being there pumpers,
It promises to be a restless night.....
Barb Chafe

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