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Re: [IP] Trouble with diabetes

I've been reading all the posts about parental involvement with your kids
and I had to put my 2 cents in.  I was diagnosed when I was 11 (1976).  I
was not seen by an endo, just a pediatrician.  I was not put on any special
diet, just no added sugar.  I did have to learn how to give my own shots
prior to leaving the hospital and how to do the urine testing (no meters!).
My mother was very ill at the time, so my father was suppose to oversee my
care and help me.  He didn't have a clue, and therefore did not really help
much except to take me to the hospital when I went really wacko.  I am very
very lucky that I don't have any complications (a little neuropathy).  No
one helped me, and no one explained how important it was to be careful.  I
would have loved to have a mom like Diane or Renee or a dad like Michael.  I
did not start blood testing until 8 years ago when I got married and decided
I wanted to start a family and had seen "Steel Magnolias" too many times!
The doctors were amazed that I was still alive after never having tested.  I
now cannot go longer than 4 hours without testing, go no where without my
tester and feel the pump is the greatest thing ever.  However, I may have
been in a lot better control and felt a lot better a lot sooner had my
father understood the disease better and been more help.  He meant well, he
just did not understand what the complications might be or what to do to
help.  I can still remember being about 22 and saying I was low and him
asking if I needed my insulin!  He is now no longer with us and is probably
up in Heaven thanking god personally that his little girl is okay with this
diabetes thing!  Anyway, all you parents out there who are doing such a
fantastic job with your kids take it from someone who was completely on her
own you are doing the right thing!  Just let them take over as they are
ready too, they will let you know.  Just my venting.


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