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Re: [IP] Trouble with diabetes


We spent this past weekend at a family get together for kids with diabetes and
their families. One of the sessions this weekend involved the counselors. Most
of them had had diabetes since they were 6 or younger and were now young
adults. This had to be the most eye-opening session for those of us who have
kids that are elementary school age.

One young lady told us about how tiring taking care fo herself can be. Her
advice to the parents there was that just when your kids are blowing you off
the most, that's when they need some gentle persuasion. All of the kids were
annoyed by parental involvment, particularly in their early teen years(13-15)
but said they later apprecated their parents efforts.

Another piece of advice from another counselor--teach your kids about how to
drink and do drugs on insulin. He said he had tried drinking.None of these
kids admitted to doing illegal drugs, all of them saying that they rarely
drank simply because the mind-altering affects tended to make it very
difficult to gauge whether they felt crummy from drinking, or beacuse their
bg's were off. But they did admit that they had tried it and were grateful to
have known how to handle it.

And one more piece of advice for parents of new drivers..Check your kids' cars
and make sure they are supplied for lows. THey all sadi tehy kept an extra
meter in their cars, just in case they forgot to bring theirs along.Also, one
of the counselors suggested laminating a diabetes I.D. card and stapling it to
the registration. Most cops seeing a disoriented kid driving won't look for a
I.D. bracelet, but they WILL ask for license and registration.(One of the
parents there was a cop and did verify this to be true).

All in all, our son was the only kid there with a pump and  we walked away
very happy in our decision for him to be using one. We'd actually forgotten
his pre-pump regimen of eating on a schedule to chase the long acting peaks.
We'd also forgotted how easy his bg's are to correct, making his diabetes less
frustrating for all of us.

mom to chris, age 8, dx'd at 4 and pumping since aug 98
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