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Re: [IP] tubing

Doreen, I routinely go 2 weeks on one 43 inch tubing set.  I've never seen
a problem.  I suspect you could go double that time if you wanted.  There's
really nothing in the tubing to go bad, as long as it doesnt' get stretched
too much, and you don't get too many bacteria inside.

<<<<<<<hi folks,
I have a question for the more experienced pumpers.
Due to still unresolved insurance problems, my 2 kids that started on
disetronic insulin pumps are running out of supplies!
We have been using the same tubing set for an entire week , only changing the
catheter 2x a week. We use tenders.
How long can we safely use a tubing set ? I only have 5 complete sets left and
10 catheters (insertion sets). Any body tried using a tubing for 2 weeks?
I've already called our disetronic rep who generously (<g>) sent us all of 5
complete sets and 5 cathters .Imagine how long that lasted with 2 pumpers and
sets falling out by 2nd day.  Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers>>>>>>>>>

* Wayne *

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