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Re: [IP] Trouble with diabetes Re: [IP] Trouble with diabetes

Donna wrote:
> I'm starting to feel really lucky that I grew up in a family that was familiar
> with diabetes.  When I was growing up my grandmother was an insulin dependent
> diabetic (dx'd Type 2), she acted as if it were nothing just something she had
> to do.  Note:  She didn't do everything you are told to do.  When she gave her
> shots she never hid it from any of us.  all of her grandchildren have seen it.
> I figured sometime in my life I would get diabetes but figured it would be much
> later.  (You always think your parents will get it first)

You're quoting from the book of MY life!!!!  :)

When my mother hit her 70's without getting DM (she died at 79 without
ever getting it), I thought I was home free, so it was a terrible shock
when I was diagnosed at the age 44. 

My grandmother was very nonchalant about her injections -- I remember
she had a little black Bakelite case to hold her syringe, and she would
just hike up her dress and pinch up her thigh and throw the needle in. 
I also remember her boiling the syringe on the stove. 

So far, I'm the only grandchild that has it -- I'm in the middle of the
bunch, so maybe the rest will be lucky too and not get it!


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