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RE: [IP] When to update pump

> Hello all,
> I have a quick question.  How often do you upgrade your
> pump.  Does insurance pay for it? What ttype of
> documentaton do you need.

Pumps are not usually upgraded until the warranty expires and are not
eligible usually until that time. Usually your insurance  company will pay
for a new pump after the four year period.

> I have the minimed 507 which is fairly new, but I have
> had it for 2 yrs.  I will be switching to a new
> insurance in four or five months and thought I should
> try to get a new one before the switch.

Actually, you may wish to try with the new company.  As they did not pay for
the first pump, they may indeed pay for the second.  You will probably have
a better chance then.


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