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Re: [IP] Trouble with diabetes

     Sounds like your relationship with Jenna is right where mine was with
Melissa at that stage (she was dx'd at age 9 & was doing her own shots the 2nd
day in the hospital). When she began pumping 3 yrs ago at age 13, I truly was
her "pump-coach", reminding, advising, assisting.  My current role has evolved
into one of a "consultant on retainer". Perfect example- last night I
nonchalantly said "do you need to change your set?" I got a moody 16 yr old
response of "I know what I'm doing!" Fine...I didn't say another word.
    This morning, she came downstairs, looking forlorn, saying she was 265,
obviously felt lousy & went back upstairs to change her set. After years of
NOT doing so, I've now most definitely learned to bite my tongue & again said
nothing. Told hubby the story & he wisely added that not only did Melissa feel
lousy, but she had added insult to injury by knowing that she "should" have
changed yesterday......and hopefully, experience will prove to be a better
teacher than nagging parents!!! She's only a matter of weeks away from getting
her driver's license & truly being independent from us; so hopefully we've
done enough "groundwork" that she'll make wise choices. This has truly been a
gradual evolution though & just as with everything else related to diabetes,
YMMV (your mileage may vary), so to those who are feeling dismayed by any of
these pensive posts, keep that in mind. No one is judging anyone else I would
hope - rather, by sharing our collective experiences, we can all learn a
little from each other & thus treat either ourselves or our children with more
dignity, considering what it means to live with diabetes 24/7.

Regards, Renee
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