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[IP] Trouble with diabetes

I've read all your posts about letting kids be in control of their own
diabetes with some dismay.  I think that there are some good research
projects that show that kids do better if their parents stay involved in
their disease until they're in their mid teens.  After reading all the posts
last night, I asked Jenna (9 years old) if she wanted to start doing her own
log book, setting her own basals (we're in the middle of re-adjusting some
basals after a recent illness), and have me not help her.  Her eyes got wide
and she said "NO WAY!  I like things the way they are."  Sometimes, we all
want to make kids grow up too fast.  I can't see making my 9 year old be
independent with her diabetes because she'll want to be independent at 14.
So for now, I'll err on the side of staying involved.

By the way, she was doing her own injections when she left the hospital from
diagnosis a year ago, checks her own sugar wherever she is, does her own
boluses, can put in her own sites when we use abdominal sites (but she
prefers hip sites, can't quite reach those yet), can do the math with the
help of a calculator to figure high boluses, and can figure her boluses for
carbs for a straightforward food (especially one with the carbs listed on
the wrapper).  I think that's pretty good for a 9 year old.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, 9 years old and pumping 6 months

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