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Re: [IP] visual impairment and pumping

Hi Di,

I'm visually impaired due to DM (blind in left eye, little peripheral
vision in right with only 20/50 corrected vision). This was the main reason
I went with the Disetronic. At the time, it was the only pump that would
allow me to bolus insulin without looking at the the pump. I understand
that the MiniMed (507c) does have the auditory signals now, but I'm not
sure if it has the raised buttons that lets you bolus without pulling the
pump from your clothing (someone mentioned having to retrieve the pump from
bking shorts to bolus).

I can see to read, etc., with reading glasses, but I *knew* that I didn't
want to be searching for my glasses every time I wanted to bolus. And I
really love not having to pull the pump out when I need to bolus or turn
the temporary basal rate up or down. I can just feel the raised buttons
through my clothes and count the beeps. I wear the pump in my bra under my
arm. I used to wear it on it a belt, but when I was pg. and couldn't wear a
belt, I got used to sticking it under my arm. It's a lot easier to keep it
out of my daughter's reach now.

I know a guy who tried out both pumps. if you're feeling energetic (or torn
or experimental), that might be a good way to decide. I think both
companies will give you a loaner. It's worth looking into.

Good luck!


Jenny Nash
freelance writer and editor
email @ redacted

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