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[IP] RE: Trouble admitting problems, doing DM things, etc..................

I agree with you that we should all feel grateful to have treatments and
options in dealing with DM today, so we can live happier, healthier lives
and not terminal ones.  However, many of us do have complications that do
cause a great deal of disability, pain, suffering, and eventually death. 
DM is not a pretty disease.  There are many diabetics who have to have long
term nursing care, just as those with MS or other diseases.  I am happy
that you deal with DM very well, despite the obstacles.  I was able to deal
with all of the diabetes obstacles for nearly 20 years with the same great
outlook that you have now.  But when I was disabled by DM complications at
the ripe old age of 25, I wasn't so eager to believe that DM was so much
better than what I "could have had."  Everyone has their own story I guess.
 My DM was well controlled since age 7, and I still ended up with
complications.  It happens.  Of course, I still feel much more fortunate
than people with short-terminal illnesses, etc.  Yet I know DM is as much a
disabler and killer as cancer, MS, MD, heart disease, and many other
illnesses.   Please, don't all of you who are healthy stick your heads in
the sand and pretend DM is a blessing (I have heard people say this so many
times).   I believe this view is the very one that keeps diabetes out of
the headlines and out of the minds of those who decide on funding for
research in Washington.  It may not be the very worse disease to have, but
it's certainly not the best either (is there a best?)   Sorry, got carried
away.  Keep a positive outlook, but don't get kicked in the butt when your
not looking.

Jill- another venter :)  

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